Dr. Epley and Dr. Gofourth are co-founders of a unique radio talk show titled, ‘Here’s To Your Health’. Each week Doctors Epley and Gofourth discuss current health related news/research and noteworthy articles and how they may impact our lives. Our emphasis is primarily wellness based health care, how to get well and stay well and avoid those things that make us unwell. Optimal health which can be created by eating well, moving well and thinking well. Altered cell function occurs when your cells are exposed to toxins or they are deficient in what they require. When your cells are toxic or deficient their function is altered and your body adapts. It adapts by way of the stress response, which in the long term adversely effects your health.

Here’s To Your Health is live on Mondays from 9AM to 10 AM. Most people listen to archived shows. These first 6 episodes are critically important to new listeners and new patients. Please listen to these.

#1  5/24/2010    Introduction to Wellness

#2  6/7/2010      Toxicity and Deficiency

#3  6/14/2010    The Many Problems of Stress

#4  6/21/2010    Eating Well

#5  6/20/2010    Moving Well

#6  7/12/2010    Thinking Well

The next 15 episodes discuss specific health conditions, after that it varies weekly and we cover everything.

Here’s to Your Health Blog Talk Radio

We are proud to announce that other Radio Stations have picked up our show. You can now listen to us LIVE on Mondays at 10:00 am on KXCR 90.7 FM in Florence Oregon.

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If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (541) 271-2456(Reedsport) or (541) 902-0545 (Florence).